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Davis Animal Hospital’s Blog

Welcomes to the Davis Animal Hospital’s blog. Many Pensacola residents refer to us as “Your Other Family Doctor,” and that is because we take care of your furry friends with as much care as your family doctors take care of you. Since opening our door, we have been dedicated to providing the best veterinarian services money can buy while being price conscious. Over the year, we have learned the many pet owners share the same concerns, and that is the reason we decided to create this blog! At Davis Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to educating our clients, provide you with tips on preventative care, and open and honest communication on the best practices for caring for our pet. We would love to hear from you with suggestion and recommendations for future articles for our blog, and if at any time you have any question, please give us a call, we are here to help!

Learn More About Wellness Testing For Pets

Just as it is better to diagnose and detect disease and other illness in people, it is also best to do so in our pets. This is where wellness testing for pets comes in. Your veterinarian will run a number of blood tests and do a thorough checkup to make sure that there are no issues that need to be addressed. Why Is It Necessary To Do Animal Wellness Testing? Our pets are [...]

Top Veterinary Medical Services

Animals can fall ill at any time and it's important to seek out professional medical assistance as soon as possible. This is where Davis Animal Hospital comes into the equation as one of the premier veterinary medical services in Pensacola. This is a passionate, professional-grade veterinary medical services hospital that has made a name for itself. Certified - The team is fully certified and has been doing this for a long time. The [...]

6 Qualities of An Excellent Veterinarian

What makes an excellent veterinarian and what should you look for when choosing one? The last thing you want to do is pick an unknown veterinarian online or out of the phone book when your pet is ill. There are various factors to consider and in this read, we are going to give qualities of a great veterinarian with the aim of helping you pick a reputable vet that will meet you and [...]

Why Vaccinations for Pets are Important

Animal Vaccinations have gathered a lot of attention in the past few years and there's a lot of misinformation out there driven by negative attention. Due to this, there is a number of misconceptions among pet owners regarding whether pet vaccinations are necessary or if they compromise the health of their pets. Unfortunately, such information can result in health risks for unvaccinated pets. Making sure that you meet your pet's vaccination protocol protects [...]

The Importance of Ultrasound For Pets In Veterinary Care

When your furry friend is in pain, he or she cannot tell you what is wrong. If your pet swallowed something he or she shouldn't have and is still feeling unwell, an animal ultrasound can help determine what's wrong.  But What Exactly is a Pet Ultrasound? Well, simply put, an animal ultrasound is a type of imaging that enables vets to look inside the body of your pet without undergoing surgery. It is a [...]

Learning More about Surgical Referral Services for Pets

If you have been told that your pet needs surgery, you may be looking for more information on surgical referral services for pets. You may also be trying to find a facility that can perform the procedure that your pet needs. Our veterinary team regularly treats animals that need surgery. Davis Animal Hospital Provides Many Surgical Services For Pets It's possible that your pet won't need a referral for their surgery. Our vets [...]

Important Questions To Ask Before Any Animal Surgical Procedure

It is every pet owner's fear that their beloved pet requires surgery. Unfortunately, it happens and while it might be stressful for both the owner and the pet, there are important questions to ask the veterinarian before your pet surgery. This will not only put your mind at ease but also give you the chance to know more about what's going to happen to your pet. Here are some important questions to ask [...]

Learning More About Radiographs “X-rays” For Pets

If your pet is ill, or if they have suffered some sort of injury, the vet might not be able to diagnose the issue simply by looking at them. In some cases, radiographs “x-rays” for pets will be the best way to get to the bottom of the problem. It's a smart idea to learn more about this type of medical imaging and how it can impact your pet. Your Pet Won't Be [...]

Preventative Health Care Tips For Your Pets

Your veterinarian can give you good advice on how to take care of your furry friend, but as a pet owner, it is your duty to ensure that your pets are healthy and fit. Preventative health care for your pet will help reduce the veterinary bills if you stay on top of your pets health. If the vet is able to catch a potential health issue early enough, it will cost you less [...]