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Davis Animal Hospital’s Blog

Welcomes to the Davis Animal Hospital’s blog. Many Pensacola residents refer to us as “Your Other Family Doctor,” and that is because we take care of your furry friends with as much care as your family doctors take care of you. Since opening our door, we have been dedicated to providing the best veterinarian services money can buy while being price conscious. Over the year, we have learned the many pet owners share the same concerns, and that is the reason we decided to create this blog! At Davis Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to educating our clients, provide you with tips on preventative care, and open and honest communication on the best practices for caring for our pet. We would love to hear from you with suggestion and recommendations for future articles for our blog, and if at any time you have any question, please give us a call, we are here to help!

Give Your Dog A Healthy Coat At A Pet Grooming Spa And Salon

Nothing keeps your dog's coat and skin healthier than booking regular dog grooming appointments at a pet grooming spa and salon. You won't have to worry about your dog's fur smelling and he won't scratch as much. Your dog's coat is going to look healthy and you can avoid some of the common problems that dogs get when they are not groomed regularly. When you don't groom your dog, your dog is going [...]

Get Nutrition Counseling For Pets

One of the best things that we can do to help maintain the good health of our pet is to make sure that they get proper nutrition. Just as people need good nutrition to stay healthy, so do our pets. In fact, it is an integral part of a pet's wellness and proper care. Here we will take a look at nutrition counseling for pets. One Nutritional Diet Doesn't Fit Every Pet There [...]

Micro-chipping For Pets – Why It is Beneficial

One of the big decisions you will have as a new pet owner is whether to microchip your furry friend or not. Micro chipping for pets is simply the process of implanting a radio transmitter under the animal's skin that utilizes radio frequency identification or RFID technology to identify the pet when scanned. Microchipping may sound scary to many, but the reality is that it's a completely safe and quick process. However, you [...]

Give Your Pet A Compassionate Goodbye With House Calls

Saying goodbye to your pet is one of the most difficult things you ever have to do in life. Your pet is your best friend and a cherished part of the family. If your pet is at the end of their life, you might want to consider house calls- euthanasia for pets. In-home euthanasia allows your pet to die with dignity at home. Your pet is the most comfortable at home, and most [...]

Let Your Furry Companion Luxuriate In A Hotel And Spa For Pets While you Enjoy A Vacation

Worrying about the happiness and comfort of your pet while you take some much needed time to de-stress and recharge batteries is normal. Taking a vacation is an essential part of maintaining a great quality of life. Being away from our canine and feline companions can add to the stress of that vacation - making what should be a relaxing experience into one filled with anxiety. However, arranging boarding for your pet need [...]

Proper Care For Exotics And Pocket Pets

Not all veterinarians treat exotics and pocket pets. If you have one of these pets in your household, you should ensure that your animal is getting proper veterinarian care. What Are Exotic Pets? The term "exotic pet" is frequently used to describe any animal that isn't a cat, dog, or some sort of farm animal. In some cases, people use exotics to describe pets that are more unusual or rate. For example, someone [...]

What You Should Know About Dentistry For Pets

While it's common for people to see the dentist regularly, many people don't understand the importance of dentistry for pets. If you want to keep your animal in good health, it's essential that they receive the dental care that they need. Periodontal Disease Is Very Common In Pets The majority of pets develop periodontal disease before they reach three years of age. This dental disease can cause all kinds of health problems for [...]

How To Choose A Daycare Pet Service

There are times when we find ourselves leaving our pets alone at home and some pets are able to do better in that situation than others. If we find that our pet is having a difficult time spending so much time alone, then we often feel guilty and try to think of a solution. Here we will take a look at how to choose a daycare pet service to help resolve this very [...]

Your Guide To Boarding For Pets

If you're going to be out of town for a few days or more, you might need to look into boarding for pets. Leaving your pet with someone else can be difficult, even if you're bringing them to a professional facility. Do these things before boarding your animal. Make Sure Your Pet's Vaccinations Are Up To Date When your pet is being boarded, they will be exposed to many other animals. That's why [...]